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Intelligent manufacturing

·We integrate various IT systems to analyze customer demands quickly, enable IT-based production planning, visualize manufacturing processes, and ensure product traceability.

·We understand the unique aspects of our business and have pioneered auto- mated production lines for assembly, testing, and packaging. This ensures high -quality and efficient delivery of customer orders.

·With a strong foundation in system and network informationization, we achieve visual monitoring of key metrics and accurate real-time notifications, ensuring efficient operations on the production floor.

  • Informatization

    As a manufacturing service provider in the electronic information industry, the company continuously builds and improves IT systems, and connects multiple system data to improve operational efficiency and intelligent management level, providing customers with high-quality services.

  • Automation

    The company continues to invest in manufacturing automation, establishing a professional automation research and development team, deeply understanding the business characteristics, pioneering the development and use of automation lines such as assembly, testing, and packaging, effectively ensuring the delivery requirements of high-quality, efficient, and flexible customer products

  • Big data warning

    Utilizing the MES+SRM+OA system to empower quality and achieve timely warning, prevention, and resolution of anomalies.

  • Reliability assurance

    The company has various types of reliability testing equipment and monitors the reliability of products throughout the entire process.

  • Supply capacity

    A team of senior R&D engineers and development processes ensure the efficient implementation of products from design to mass production, meeting customer needs

    The establishment of a good supply chain partnership and direct supply relationship with world-class semiconductor brands ensures the timeliness and stability of material supply

    The intelligent manufacturing platform and information-based demand analysis ensure the flexible production and batch delivery needs of customers

    A professional after-sales team ensures timely response to customer reverse issues

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